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I launched this website to spread the positive energy of good deeds. Celebrities are often the target of smear tactics, only making headlines when they have made poor choices or taken selfish actions. They are always so busy with seemingly insurmountable responsibilities: rendering art as actors, auditioning for roles, rounds and rounds of publicity, fatiguing travel, keeping up their physical appearance with exercise and restrictive diets, memorizing lines in the age of absent teleprompters and cue cards, and so much more. Swamped with too many tasks and never enough time to accomplish them, they have little time and energy to also safeguard their integrity. The purpose of this site is to recognize when celebrities are able to maintain good character and encourage them to make it a priority to do so.  Good deeds have a ripple effect, especially when they get the publicity that goes along with being a star. It is my hope that this site will inspire and bring happiness to celebrities and non-celebrities alike.



Essie Cha is a veteran makeup artist and project coordinator in the entertainment industry. In the short span of 11 years, Cha has moved up the ranks in makeup effects and artistry to department head on numerous film and television projects. She currently heads up makeup for the hit CW network show ‘The Vampire Diaries’. In addition to artistry, she has over 17 years experience in management and operations.

Before entering the entertainment industry, Cha managed retail and education businesses. Previously the owner of a fashion related business, she developed an understanding of current fashion trends, marketing, and development of consumer demand.

Cha holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cal Baptist University and advanced makeup training from Make Up Designory. She is Fluent in English, Japanese, and Korean and has extensive cultural and travel experience.


Age 16 and 17, First Place, L.A. Unified Art Contest
1990, Voted #1 Real Estate Agent in the Japanese Business Community—Guest on ‘Good Morning Japan’
2000, President of the Asian Women of Orange County

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Essie what a wonderful website, im so proud and happy for you in all your success, and of course you know i Love you. Sincerely Julie

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for creating this site and for writing the fantastic articles. It’s high time celebrities are recognised for the good they do off camera and behind the scenes. I think people also tend to find it difficult to separate the actor and the character they may be playing at that time which makes it even more important to make us aware of the people they truly are. Thank you again

    Lisa x

  3. Thanks for this website. It help us, just “normal” people to get nearer the actors we are fans of, and to know a part of them that otherwise we could not know anything about.