Mo’Nique is an angel

By: Alkhyseam Watson (HairStylist)

Mo’Nique is the most generous celebrity I have ever known or worked for. She often donates her time and money to various causes. On one occasion, for “My Sister’s House” (a shelter for abused women), she rented a hall, had Walmart donate food, and provided tables, chairs, etc. Mo’Nique wanted to surprise the women with a night to remember.

To further lift the women’s spirits, Mo’Nique rounded up 30 makeup artists and hair stylists to give the women makeovers at the shelter. After having their hair and faces done, the women donned gorgeous dresses, which had been donated straight from Mo’Nique’s closet.

The best part of the event was that the women did not know why they were dressed up or where they would be going. When they arrived at the hall, they found themselves walking down a red carpet, just like at an awards show. The ladies were welcomed by a band, and received money in the form of scholarships, grants and stipends for graduating the program. Mo’Nique also took time to take personal photos with each woman. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house that night.

Another of Mo’Nique’s favorite causes is “Carol Pitts”, the oldest African American orphanage in the states. Mo’Nique has paid for proms held by the orphanage, buying the fancy clothes and providing hair and makeup artists. Not only that, but she pays for spa treatments and fitness programs to lift the orphans’ spirits and bolster their confidence for their special night.

Mo’Nique is an angel.