Nina Dobrev, reaching out

By: Essie Cha (Makeup Artist)

After lunch on the set of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, we always do touch ups for the next round of shooting. One day I had Nina Dobrev in the touch up chair, and I noticed that she had been crying and she continued to cry through my work. I had to ask her what happened. She got up and left the chair and returned with a letter from a little boy named “SHANE”. SHANE had Cerebral Palsy, and the letter explained that SHANE had never talked to or responded to anyone in all his life. The letter went on to say that one day, as his mother channel surfed, Nina’s voice came out from the television and for the first time ever, SHANE responded. Mom recorded Nina’s voice and SHANE continued to respond. So Nina, when she found out, ordered a teddy bear with her voice recorded inside it so that SHANE could hear her voice whenever he wanted to. When the bear arrived at the production offices, Nina brought it in to show me. She beamed with joy at being able to help SHANE have a more pleasant life. She well deserves a People’s Choice Award, for few other people have such a big do-gooder heart.

6 thoughts on “Nina Dobrev, reaching out

  1. Wow, this really has touched my heart. Nina sounds like an amazing woman with such a huge heart. If everyone was like her this world would be a much better place. xxx

  2. I was a member of the crew on vampire diaries and had the privilege of working with miss Dobrev.She is a wonderful person, I once brought my nephew to the set (he too has cerebral paulsy) Nina went to him, had her picture made with him & he lit up!! That made his day and he still continues to talk about her and hasn’t missed an episode since.

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