Jamie Oliver

By: Essie Cha (Makeup Artist)

Everyone knows Jamie Oliver as the hot (as in gorgeous) chef with a heart and mind dedicated to changing the world by showing people the way to a healthy eating lifestyle. Though his focus seems to be on making children healthier, he is an all-around good guy with the kindest, most generous and most humble behavior towards all people and even animals. You would never know that he is the head of his own self-created empire because he is a real down-to-earth regular type of guy. In addition, he not only contributes to, but heads up, several charities including but not limited to Comic Relief, The Fifteen Foundation and the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

I started working with Jamie on ‘Oprah’s Big Give’. I seriously consider this my best gig ever because I get to work with Jamie. I have been working with him for the past 6 years, although I could hardly call it working because collaborating with Jamie is far more like a vacation than tedium.

Just to give you an idea how very nice this man is, I recall a project we worked on where Jamie regularly cooked breakfast for the crew. Another time, a wardrobe stylist had obtained the wrong-sized clothing for Jamie, who never made a fuss, but instead put on the clothing and wore them for the shoot. He went so far that time as to praise the wardrobe stylist to the project’s producers and purchased all the clothing out of pocket from her to make sure she felt fine about the mishap. The stylist later asked me for advice on how to make sure she could work with Jamie all the time as I do. She expressed that she had never ever worked with anyone as nice as Jamie. I replied, “That’s my Jamie. He’s just the nicest guy.” How on earth did I get the privilege to work with him??? I am just a lucky girl.

Upon completion of projects, Jamie likes to take the entire crew out to dinner. He spends a lot of time and effort to make sure everyone eats well and enjoys the reward. We should probably pay him to work for him.

I know a lot of star’s secrets working in makeup. A lot of tricks are used to make entertainers picture perfect. Jamie, on the other hand, has no secrets and requires no tricks. He never needs anything applied other than anti-shine. And like the Werewolf of London, his hair is perfect! Must be good karma.

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