Pamela Anderson never stops giving

By:  Teresa Vest (Makeup Artist)

Hi Essie….

Not sure if this one counts or not but years ago I worked on V.I.P. with Pam Anderson… First off Pam was always kind and generous to her entire cast and crew always doing things for the crew sometimes the usual coffee truck but other times silly things like the time she bought each and everyone of us a “fart” toy (the squishy stuff in a container)… for no reason what so ever, we giggled for days on that one… One day during season 3 or 4 we all walked in at our usual 5am call time to be greeted by a trailer stuffed full from floor to ceiling with balloons and the ceiling was covered with more balloons filled with helium. On each one of our stations was a basket filled with all kinds of wonderful goodies. Candles and skin care and fund stuff.. all this topped off with a giant banner saying “To the Best Make-Up and Hair Team EVER! Love Pam” This was done just out of the blue for no reason at all.. We had to dump balloons out just so we could get in the trailer to work.. LOL.. it was insane and so wonderful! she was really a very class act.. One Christmas her assistant came up to each one of us with a gift box with instructions from Pam to “promise not to open them until Christmas morning and that not to throw anything away because they were real” well.. we got the part about not opening them but we were baffled by the other part. I flew home for Christmas to visit my dad so I left my box at home. When I returned after Christmas the first thing I did was run over to that box.. I ripped it opened and on top of what must have been about $300 dollars worth of Kheils products were crumbled up $20 bills.. Now I was the third on that show and the Key for 2nd unit, when I was done un-crumbling the 20′s there were $500.00 worth.. I was floored! and I was the 3rd.. I can’t imagine what my higher ups got.. But that was Pam.. A class act. Generous, Kind and Gracious… and she always did it never looking for acknowledgement she did it out of pure kindness..

5 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson never stops giving

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  3. Teresa tells it true!

    I was the make-up department head on VIP and Pam’s personal, off and on. for about a dozen years.

    The occasion that led to the “balloon incident” was the wrap up of the “beauty pageant episode.” Hands down, the toughest episode of the show’s entire four year run! Pam and her assistant got into our trailer on the Sunday night, deposited the gift baskets, hung the banner and filled the make-up trailer with gold balloons. Monday morning was seriously surreal! We couldn’t move without popping balloons. I still have a bit of PTSD from that!

    The big Christmas…. That was amazing! She got something personal for each of us. The Kheils products for Teresa, a fancy high end skateboard for Danny, her favorite P.A. For me, a couple of mint condition, silver age comic books. All packed in $500 worth of crumpled $20 bills. (I bought my first digital camera with mine!)

    I probably have a dozen stories about Pam’s generosity. She whould hate it if I told them all. That’s just the way she is. She once bailed me out of a financial difficulty that she overheard me telling Teresa about. She would not like me talking about the details. (It was a cash amount that made the Christmas gift look like spare change.) I still have the note that she included in the envelope of cash. It began, “You have never asked me for anything. But, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and I want to help.”

    When I saw her a half hour later, I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Dammit Pam! You made me cry in front of a guest star!” She would have hated it if I had simply said, “Thank you.”

    So, here is my favorite story that I can tell….

    Pam and I flew from a Baywatch shoot in Hawaii to a job in Sydney, Australia. Business class.

    I jokingly chided the producer for making such a “big star” fly Business. The producer said, “Oh, no. We booked her in First Class and you in Coach. Pamela cashed in the tickets and traded them for two Business Class seats because she wasn’t about to fly First Class while you were in Coach!”