Katerina Graham, Humble Star

By: Essie Cha (Makeup Artist)

It was my first season on the Vampire Diaries, and we started shooting in the hottest time of year in Atlanta, Georgia. Overly hot and muggy when it’s not pleasant there. One day on location, we had an exterior shoot on, of course, the nastiest, muggiest day imaginable. During a scene with Kat, while a lens was being changed, I saw she was suffering from the heat and brought a fan to her. She took the fan from me, but whispered to me

that she was uncomfortable using a fan when no one else had one. Noticing a nearby extra who was fighting the humid torture in a worse way, she yielded the fan to her immediately. She’s a real egalitarian, not hung up on the importance of fame. She is a good-humored, good-hearted individual and I enjoy working with her very much.

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