About essiecha

Essie Cha is veteran makeup artist and project coordinator within the entertainment industry. Within a short span of seven years, Cha moved swiftly up the ranks from a makeup artist to a department head in many featured projects. Currently Cha is the makeup department head for the CW's hit show "The Vampire Diaries." In addition, she brings 17 years of management and operations experience. Previously, Cha owned and managed retail and educational businesses. As the owner of a fashion related retail operation, she used her understanding of current fashion, consumer demand and developed marketing plan to attract her customers and successfully developed the business. Cha holds Bachelor of Arts from California Baptist University and advanced makeup training from Make Up Designory. Essie is fluent in Japanese and Korean and has extensive international business and travel experience. Essie’ Cha’s achievements include: At age 16, first place in L.A. Unified Art contest and won the following year as well. 1990, voted #1 Real Estate Agent by the Japanese Business community and guest on the show, "Good Morning Japan". In 2000, President of the Asian Women of Orange County

My Tale of Saint Joseph…

By: Marina K.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Morgan a little over a year ago.  He was kind enough to take a few photos with a me and some friends of mine as well. Joseph is extremely approachable. When you chat with him, it’s like talking to an old friend. While I’ll admit his accent was adorable, what I was mostly taken by Continue reading

Mo’Nique is an angel

By: Alkhyseam Watson (HairStylist)

Mo’Nique is the most generous celebrity I have ever known or worked for. She often donates her time and money to various causes. On one occasion, for “My Sister’s House” (a shelter for abused women), she rented a hall, had Walmart donate food, and provided tables, chairs, etc. Mo’Nique wanted to surprise Continue reading

Nina Dobrev, reaching out

By: Essie Cha (Makeup Artist)

After lunch on the set of ‘The Vampire Diaries’, we always do touch ups for the next round of shooting. One day I had Nina Dobrev in the touch up chair, and I noticed that she had been crying and she continued to cry through my work. I had to ask her what happened. She got up and left the chair and Continue reading

Pamela Anderson never stops giving

By:  Teresa Vest (Makeup Artist)

Hi Essie….

Not sure if this one counts or not but years ago I worked on V.I.P. with Pam Anderson… First off Pam was always kind and generous to her entire cast and crew always doing things for the crew sometimes the usual coffee truck but other times silly things Continue reading

Sammy Davis Jr.

By: Deborah Holmes Dobson (Hair Stylist)

While I was working on ‘General Hospital’, Sammy Davis Jr. came on as a guest star. He was a true professional and wonderful to work with. After he wrapped his special appearance, he threw a big appreciative party for cast and crew. He rented a hall, catered the food, and hired a fabulous band. Best yet, Continue reading

Natasha Henstridge

By: Deborah Holmes Dobson (Hair Stylist)

On the show ‘Eli Stone’, I had a chance to work with Natasha Henstridge. I quickly discovered what an extremely generous and giving actress she is. She gave me sparkling jewelry. Not cheap bling either!  And she conducted herself with such humbleness, socializing with crew members from vanities to grips. She was a true gem to work with!